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Travel vaccinations for Costa Rica

Travel vaccinations

for Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has everything for the ‘bucket list minded’ traveller. It’s rich in biodiversity with a variety of flora and fauna in its famed cloud rainforests and if you’re looking for something a bit different, it also attracts adventure sport junkies. If you prefer to simply chill out then why not unwind on one of many of Costa Rica’s pristine white beaches. Despite this diversity, the jabs needed for Costa Rica are considerably less than other subtropical travellers destinations. As ever, make sure you are up to date with your childhood immunisations, including tetanus, diphtheria, polio and MMR vaccines. The hepatitis A vaccine is another shot needed for Costa Rica and your GP may be able to offer this for you; if not then we can provide this. If you’re going to more remote areas or where sanitation and food hygiene is likely to be poor, other immunisations for Costa Rica include typhoid and rabies. Just bear in mind that a rabies vaccine course is three shots and you will need to leave 4 weeks for this before you travel. If you’ve booked a last minute holiday then there are super-accelerated courses that can be given in a shorter period of time and we can do this for you. If you are unsure which vaccines you need for your trip to Costa Rica, please call us as we'll be able to help you navigate through this process. To give you an idea of the possible inoculations for Costa Rica, take a look at the useful table below.

What travel vaccinations do I need for Costa Rica?

  • Do remember, the travel vaccinations you’ll need for Costa Rica will depend on: 

    • which areas you will be visiting 

    • the time of the year

    • what kind of activities you will be participating in

    • your age and general health

    • and on your individual risk assessment

Dr Ravi Gowda

Dr Ravi Gowda, Consultant in Infectious Diseases or one of his highly trained clinical colleagues will be looking after your Costa Rica vaccine requirements. Find out more about the Health Klinix team.

Who will be providing your travel injections for Costa Rica?

"Make sure to remember, your vaccinations for Costa Rica won't always protect you from other diseases where we don’t yet have a vaccine. If you plan to spend time in rural areas or rainforest regions take precautions against contracting leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that can be transmitted through contact with the urine of infected animals. You can get infected from contaminated water or soil if you swim or wade in stagnant water. To reduce your risk, wear protective clothing and footwear when trekking through areas with standing water. 


If you have been at risk be aware of the symptoms of leptospirosis infection. These may include;

  • fever

  • muscle aches

  • headaches 


You must seek medical attention if you experience any of these symptoms as leptospirosis can be serious but it's curable with antibiotics"

Dr Gowda's top tip for travel to Costa Rica

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Frequently asked questions
  • The total cost is likely to vary depending on which vaccinations you need for your trip. You can see the recommended vaccinations and the price per dose in the table above.

    Please note; you will need to book a travel consultation before we can administer travel vaccinations and this costs £30 (1 person)

  • Common vaccines for Costa Rica include the hepatitis A and DPT (diphtheria, polio and tetanus) vaccines. Once you've had two doses of Hepatitis A then you're covered for 25 years whereas the DPT is usually a booster every 10 years. Other vaccines will cover you for a different period so it really depends on the vaccines you might need.

  • We recommend you to attend our clinic at least 4 - 6 weeks before you travel as some vaccination courses can last up to a month. However, if you're a last-minute traveller then some vaccine schedules can be adapted so that they are completed over a shorter period of time. Please call us for advice.

  • The vaccinations needed for Costa Rica are usually very well tolerated with few side effects. The commonest side effect is usually a sore, painful, red injection site.

  • Although most vaccines for Costa Rica can be given in pregnancy if the risk is justified, we’d advise you not to travel to Costa Rica if you're pregnant unless absolutely essential. This is because there’s a risk of Zika virus infection which can infect your baby and cause severe brain abnormalities and other birth defects.

  • Absolutely! The doses may need to be adjusted in some cases but most Costa Rica vaccinations are safe in kids.

  • Yes you can. In fact it's even more important that you consider all the recommended vaccinations for Costa Rica. 

  • You’re generally at low risk of malaria in Costa Rica and we would recommend bite avoidance, with repellent sprays and creams and nets to cover yourself whilst sleeping. However, in some circumstances you may need malaria tablets. Examples include prolonged stay in rural areas, the elderly, those with weakened immune systems or multiple medical problems. So please check with us first - we’re here to help.

    Recommended malaria tablets for Costa Rica

    Malaria risk map for Costa Rica and ACMP

    Malaria Risk Map Costa Rica
  • You’re not at risk of yellow fever in Costa Rica but there may be a vaccine certificate requirement  if you’re travelling from another yellow fever country. For more details about yellow fever vaccine certificate requirements for Costa Rica click here.

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Costa Rica is a popular travel destination located in Central America, known for its incredible biodiversity, stunning beaches, and eco-friendly tourism. The country's tropical climate makes it an ideal destination for travellers seeking sun, sand, and sea, while its vast array of national parks and reserves offer incredible opportunities for adventure and wildlife observation. Travellers to Costa Rica can look forward to exploring the country's diverse landscapes, which include volcanic mountains, dense rainforests, and pristine coastlines. Popular activities include surfing, hiking, zip-lining, and wildlife watching, with opportunities to see monkeys, sloths, toucans, and other exotic creatures in their natural habitats. Costa Rica is also well-known for its commitment to sustainable tourism practices, making it an ideal destination for eco-conscious travellers. Visitors can choose from a range of eco-lodges, nature reserves, and sustainable tour operators, which support conservation efforts and offer unique and immersive experiences in the country's incredible natural environment. Whatever you do, it is important that you travel safely and so we recommend you contact us for advice on the vaccinations for Costa Rica.

All about Costa Rica
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Additional health advice and risks for Costa Rica

You may also be at risk of the following diseases:

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Costa Rica vaccine certificate requirements

You’re not at risk of yellow fever in Costa Rica, but there may be a vaccine certificate requirement  if you’re travelling from another yellow fever country. We recommend visiting World Health Organization.


Dr Ravi Gowda, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine


Caitlin Lancaster, BSc


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