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FIT stool test

Bowel cancer stool test

With more than 42,000 cases per year, bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK. As a diagnosis is often delayed, it has become the second biggest cause of deaths from cancer. However, the chances of successful treatment is much higher if bowel cancer is identified early by a bowel cancer stool blood test. We can provide blood tests to identify bowel cancer markers within 1-3 working days. Although anyone can develop bowel cancer the risks are higher as you get older. There are also other risks which can be reduced by modifying your lifestyle. Symptoms of bowel cancer can include an altered bowel habit, blood in your stool, weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain and bloating. The best way to confirm a diagnosis is by performing a colonoscopy - a camera test to look at your large intestine.

What's included in a FIT stool test kit?

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This is a simple and hygienic home testing kit that we provide. It detects very small amounts of blood in your stool for which bowel cancer is one possible cause. We'll send you full instructions of how to take the test with the kit. Learn more (link to a page or PDF of how to take the test) Limitations of the FIT stool test: - The fit stool test looks for blood in your stool and not bowel cancer itself - Most people with a positive test don't have bowel cancer as there are other causes of blood in your stool such as haemorrhoids - No screening test is 100% positive and the FIT stool test may miss bowel cancer - If your test is positive you will need a colonoscopy. This is a camera test looking at your large intestine to identify the cause of bleeding

Faecal immunochemical test (FIT stool test)

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Bowel cancer test price

The cost of a private FIT stool test kit from our clinic is £49.

Bowel cancer stool test results

You’ll receive a doctor reviewed report showing if your results are either positive or negative and what to do after your FIT stool test result. You’ll also receive recommendations tailored to you on how to stay healthy.

Dr Ravi Gowda

Dr Ravi Gowda, Consultant physician or one of his highly trained clinical colleagues will be looking after you. 

Who will be providing your FIT stool test?
Order test kit online

1. Order your test kit 

Contact us to order your test kit. We’ll contact you to take payment over the phone, and post your test kit the same day if you order by 4pm weekdays.

Post your kit to our accredited labratory

2. Take a sample and post your kit

Take your sample in the comfort of your home (instructions included) and send your kit in our pre-paid secure packaging to our UKAS accredited partner laboratory.

Get your test results online

3. Get your bowel cancer test results

View your results in 1 working day on our secure online portal . You’ll get a doctor reviewed report and recommendations.

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Frequently asked questions
  • This is easy and straightforward, and full instructions will accompany the kit.

  • You will take the test on a day and time that’s convenient to you, in your own home. It’s simple, quick and should only take 10-15 minutes.

  • Yes, this shouldn’t be a problem as food and drink does not affect the test. The test only looks for very small amounts of blood in the lower intestine.

  • Once our lab receives your home testing kit with your sample, they will issue a result within 1 working day. We’ll inform you of the result the same working day. So, it’s really important that you take your test and post it as soon as possible to avoid delay.

  • All our tests are reviewed by our certified doctors and shared with you through our secure online portal. If it’s positive, please do not worry as most people with a positive FIT stool test don’t have bowel cancer. However, you may need a camera test to look at your large intestine to identify a cause.


    We'll ask you to contact your GP for further assessment but if it’s urgent then we’ll call you, so please make sure you give us a contact number when you book your appointment.


Dr Ravi Gowda, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine


Caitlin Lancaster, BSc

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