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Mexico is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, with palm fringed beaches, the turquoise Caribbean Sea and intriguing remnants of ancient Mayan Civilizations. So the question is, are there any vaccines for Mexico that you should be aware of? Most travellers will need hepatitis A, tetanus and typhoid as part of their Mexican vaccine requirements and you should make sure you are up to date with these vaccinations. Many travellers simply visit a beach resort, and you may spend most of your time in the hotel or visiting close surrounding areas. Does that mean you're safe? What other vaccines do you need for Mexico? Well there is one other disease you should consider. Although rabies cases have vastly decreased over the last few decades in Mexico, there are still recurrent cases in domestic dogs and cats as well as wild coyotes and bats. All of these animals can roam around the vicinity of beach resort areas, so if you're a long stay traveller you should definitely consider the rabies vaccination before you travel. Still not sure about the inoculations for Mexico? Don't worry, we’re here to guide you and if you need any help, just give us a call To give you an idea of the vaccines needed for Mexico, take a look at our summary guide below.

What travel vaccinations do I need for Mexico?

  • The travel vaccinations you’ll need for Mexico will depend on: 

    • which areas you will be visiting 

    • the time of the year

    • what kind of activities you will be participating in

    • your age and general health

    • and on your individual risk assessment

Dr Ravi Gowda

Dr Ravi Gowda, Consultant in Infectious Diseases or one of his highly trained clinical colleagues will be looking after your vaccine requirements. Find out more about the Health Klinix team.

Who will be providing your travel injections for Mexico?

"To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday, you will also need to think about non-vaccine preventable infections. An example of this is cyclosporiasis, which has been well reported in various holiday resorts in Mexico.


You can catch this infection by eating contaminated food, particularly seafood and shellfish, even if you’re staying in a five-star resort. So when you’re on holiday in Mexico, be really careful about eating seafood."

Dr Gowda's top tip for travel to Mexico

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Frequently asked questions
  • Common vaccinations like typhoid and hepatitis A last for 3 and 25 years respectively once you’ve had the primary course.

  • It’s still useful for you to have vaccinations at the last minute but we’d prefer if you came to see us at least 4 - 6 weeks before travelling.

  • Most vaccinations for Mexico are well tolerated. Typhoid can occasionally give you a fever and flu like symptoms but this usually settles within a day or so.

  • We’d advise you not to travel to Mexico if you’re pregnant because of a risk of Zika virus infection. This infection can cause microcephaly (a small brain) and as well as other abnormalities in your baby

  • Yes but some vaccinations will have age limits like typhoid and hepatitis A but we can discuss during your consultation

  • Yes, absolutely and it’s even more important that you’re fully vaccinated.

  • You’re generally at low risk of malaria in Mexico and we would not usually recommend malaria tablets. However, you should try and avoid mosquito bites as much as possible by wearing long sleeved clothing, using insect repellent and sleeping under mosquito nets where appropriate.

    Recommended malaria tablets for Mexico

  • You are not at risk of yellow fever in Mexico and the good news is that there are also no vaccine certificate requirements to enter the country, even if you are coming from another yellow fever country.

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There are many reasons for you to visit Mexico. The country boasts world famous resorts and beaches and yet it has also created vast nature reserves that are the most biodiverse in the world. The capital Mexico City, is modern and vibrant and yet also embraces its ancient Aztec civilisation with visitor attractions, such as the Templo Mayor or Teotihuacan. The country is also famous for its colonial architecture, colourful festivals, rich cultural heritage and its wonderful food. Whatever you do, it’s important to travel safely, so we recommend contacting us for advice about your inoculations for Mexico.

All about Mexico
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Additional health advice and risks for Mexico

You may also be at risk of the following diseases:

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Mexico vaccine certificate requirements

There are no vaccination certificate requirements for travel to Mexico.


Dr Ravi Gowda, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine


Caitlin Lancaster, BSc


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