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Trevor Howard: Patient story

Updated: Apr 8

Trevor Howard patient story

Ravi's, Founder of Health Klinix, story

We have a long-standing relationship with Mr Howard. We'd looked after him before when he'd been quite unwell with staphylococcal septicaemia (a severe bacterial infection within the bloodstream) and an abscess around his spine. Luckily, he made a full recovery and eventually began to lead a normal life. 

This time he came to see us for travel health advice before his trip to India. It had become apparent to us that he had realised the fragility of life and so had decided to travel the world after he had become unwell. He wanted to make sure that he got through his bucket list of ambitions and aspirations. We dutifully ensured that he was up to date with all his vaccinations, including rabies, and advised him that he should stay away from stray animals as India had the somewhat dubious title as the ‘rabies capital of the world.’ 


A week or so later, we get an email from Mr Howard from the middle of nowhere in India. He'd been, you've guessed it... bitten by a stray dog in a rural part of India. We sensed the apprehension and called him to make sure he was OK. We guided him on local medical facilities where he could get a post exposure rabies vaccination. We then advised on the number of doses and what the schedule should be. The relief was palpable. 

Ever since then he has not looked back and has travelled to every corner of the globe. We are rather envious of him.

Trevor, the patients, story

I'm stood on a street in rural India, having just been bitten by a street dog. My first thought is infection, my second, rabies. Within the hour I'm speaking to Health Klinix (formally, Travel Klinix), who confirm my vaccinations are up to date, but I still need two rabies boosters, one today, another in three days time. They check my location and suggest where I can get them, and I set about the task successfully. A week later, I'm back in their clinic in the UK, at an urgent appointment, and told no further action is needed. Excellent professional and practical advice across two continents. You really can't get better treatment and service than this.

I trust Health Klinix. They keep me healthy and safe on my travels. They are the very first people I speak to when I'm planning a trip. We discuss my plans, they ask me questions, and then give me the advice and precautions I need. It means I can set off on the adventures I love, with an easy mind and the confidence to enjoy them. Wherever I've been in the world - cities, beaches, forests, mountains or deserts - they've kept me safe and healthy. Giving me instant advice on another continent when I'd been bitten by a dog in rural India, exemplifies their approach, even when I've been doing the wrong things! I love exploring the world, and having them as a partner in all I do, is absolutely amazing.

Expert care at affordable cost - Health Klinix have kept me safe for over a decade, and always at a reasonable price. I feel they listen to me, and care about my health while travelling. They advise me what to do, and also what things aren’t needed in any country I visit - so I’m expertly protected and only paying for what I need.

I can't recommend them highly enough, especially to all my travel friends.

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